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Knuckleboom Loaders

The loaders below are for full-time professional use.  If you are looking for loaders for part-time use, click here to transfer you to the pages which feature loaders for woodlot owners.

Farmi Log Loaders

The Farmi line of knuckleboom loaders has models which can be mounted on forwarding trailers, farm tractors as well as trucks.  The loaders are built heavy enough to stand up in full time, professional use.

All models have four cylinders on the rack and pinion boom turning rotators.  There is, therefore, enough torque to load uphill if necessary.  The loaders can be ordered with or without hydraulic outriggers.   Several control valve options are available ranging from joysticks to individual levers for every function.

The Farmi loaders work straight out from the box.   Every loader has been assembled, tested and adjusted at the factory.  Assembly is easy, because the loader is shipped with all hoses and booms assembled.

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                                                Operator Seat            Backhoe Bucket         Outrigger Legs


PTK 21 log grapple is used on HK4066, HK 4571, HK 4581.  It weighs 187 lbs. A=43", B=3". 

PTK 24 Log grapple is used on HK6167 and HK6185.  It weighs 297 lbs.  A=53", B=3". 

PTK 25 log grapple is used on HK 5266, HK 5280. A=53", B=4". 

PTK 30 is used for 8 foot pulpwood.  A=52", B=4 1/2"

For more grapple and rotator options, click here

Professional Models

Woodlot Owner Models:

This is the loader for larger contractors and big woodlot owners.  The loader is available with a long or short mast.  The loader has a flat mounting plate.  Outriggers can be ordered with or without 3-point hitch hook up brackets. click here.

HK4571 and HK4581

Loaders with long reach for forwarder trailers or truck mounting.  Click here for details.

HK6167 and HK6185

Long reach loaders for professional use.  Click here for more information on the HK6167 and the HK6185.   For truck-mounted outriggers for these loader models, click here.

Loader Model Lifting Capacity (lbs.) Lift at Max. Reach
  10 ft Out 20 ft Out Max. Reach Lbs.
HK4066 2189 1067 21' 7" 979
HK4571 2310 1221 23' 4" 1001
HK4581 2244 1155 26' 6" 803
HK6167 3454 1683 22' 1474
HK6185 3278 1584 27' 10" 1012

Lifting capacities exclude weight of grapple and rotor.  For actual lift, deduct the weight of the grapple and rotor.

Loader Model HK4066 HK4571 HK4581 HK6167 HK6185
Max. Reach Ft. 21' 7" 23' 4" 26' 6" 22' 27' 10"
Weight, Grapple & Rotor 220 lbs 220 lbs. 220 lbs. 430 lbs 430 lbs
Boom Rotation (degrees) 390 400 400 400 400
Slewing Torque kNm/ 13.1/9665 12.7 12.7 14/10326 14/10326
Grapple Rotation Continuous in every model
Grapple Opening 43" 43" 43" 53" 53"
Loader Weight 1690 lbs 2420 lbs 2420 lbs 2410 lbs 2800 lbs
Adaptor & Hydr. Outriggers Weight 490 lbs 590 lbs 590 lbs 590 lbs 590 lbs
Rec. pump Capacity 8-14 gal 8-16 gal 8-16 gal 14-17 gal 14-17 gal
Working Pressure (PSI) 2870 2650 2650 2540 2540

Click here for information on "A" frame truck mounting.



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